Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nizhalodu Nizhalaha

நிழலோடு நிழலாக  |  nilalodu nilalaga  |  

Author: Muthulakshmi Raghavan
Genre: Romance
Our hero Pandiyan is part of a loving and affectionate family consists of his parents, elder brother, his wife and their little girl Pooja. Although his family is very wealthy and has many businesses in their village, Padiyan decides to Pursue IPS and becomes a respectable officer in charge of important missions. At home his father is searching for a bride for his son and his mother is trying to break each one of those talks as she wants Pandiyan to marry her brother’s daughter Roopa. Both Pandiyan and his father are not interested in Roopa as they don’t like her and her attitudes, moreover, Pandiyan is in search for a bride that truly touches his heart at first sight.

In Thanjavoor, Sarulatha is a soft spoken, kind girl who lives with her parents, brother and his wife Leela. Leela is jealous of Saru’e beauty and wants to get her married to her drunken mother so she can ruin her life. Saru’s parents and brother knowing Leela’s brother’s attitude are opposed to the marriage and looks for other alliances. As fate would have it Pandiyan and Saru’s horoscopes match and they come to see Saru and talk about marriage. As Leela knows Pandiyan’s family status, she knows that Saru would get a better life then hers and tries to stop the marriage. Helping her is Pandiyan’s mother who also wants to stop this marriage at all costs. Despite the two women plotting against this, Saru manages to ignite something in Pandiyan’s heart and he falls head over heels for her. As their marriage becomes fixed they talk to each other on the phone daily and really begin to feel for one another. On the marriage day the story takes an unexpected twist and they are forced apart. The remainder of the story revolves around how this couple reunite.

Altogether it is good story, and I really like the portrayal of some of the characters including Pandiyan. However I have to say I was not fond of Saru’s character. More often I felt sorry for her and I really thought she should stand up for herself (even though she does, I didn’t think it was enough). The antagonist characters in this book, reminds me of real life characters that we can all find in our lives, but too bad they don’t turn good all of a sudden as in fiction ;) Pandiyan’s friend Kamesh, and Saru’s friend Anjali are both assets to this story. Overall it is a good read if you can accept a heroine who is like an angel’s reincarnation (forgives everything, doesn’t keep grudge, doesn’t fight).
Hope to be back with the next summary soon.

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