Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nee Enthan Vennilavu....

Author: Muthulakshmi Raghavan
Genre: Romance

 Happy new year to you all! I have been away from this blog for long.... really sorry to disappoint the regular visitors.  From now on I will try my very best to give 1 summary a week!
This was a beautiful story highlighting the importance of love and family relationship! Once again I am beginning to enjoy MR’s writing more than the other writers out there. Her writing style is very captivating, and the sequence of events seem more realistic then typical RC, UB, JS, KJ books.
Getting back to the story, our lady Aishwarya is part of a beautiful family consisting of her parents, Periyappa, Periyamma, their son Guna, and her grandmother. They are the ‘big’ family in their village, the family is very close with the exception of her brother Guna. When she was very small she had almost drowned in the well and was saved by ‘someone’. Her periyappa and father threaten the family of the ‘someone’ as both families don’t get along. A couple of years later when she is swimming in the river with her friends she once again drowns and is once again saved by ‘someone’. Her brother finds out about this and her family warns her and she is sent to Chennai for college, mainly because they don’t want any more encounter with Aishwarya and that ‘someone’ as they fear it may develop into ‘something’. Although she is aware of her families’ feelings toward ‘him’, she begins to feel something for  the ‘one’ who saved her life and that feeling is further ignited by her family trying to keep her away from him. Even though she is sent away for studies she still spots him whenever she comes back to her village for holidays, weddings and festivals. Aishwarya is caught between her feeling toward ‘someone’ who’s name she doesn’t even know and her strong love towards her family.
It is a beautiful story, I simply loved how the love develops through just looking at each other without saying a single word. I really liked how the story was written and the flow, it really kept me reading the book without putting it down.
Share your thoughts on this novel if you had a chance to read it yet...
I would really appreciate it if you can provide your own insights for the summaries that I publish. 

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