Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Malarnthum Malaramal...

Author: Muthulakshmi Ragahvan
Genre: Romance
The story begins with the marriage of Brintha and Suthaharan in a village. Through a series of flash backs the we learn that the groom only agreed to the marriage because of his sister, Karthiga, who is Brintha’s best friend. Karthiga’s marriage was fixed, but the groom had died of heart attack on the day of the marriage, resulting is the public labelling Karthiga as “raasiyillathaval”. Hurt and humiliated Karthiga decides to stay in her room and cut herself from the outside world. As the family is miserable thinking about her fate, her friend, Brintha tells her that she is in love with Karthiga’s brother. Grooms side agrees to the marriage as Karthiga requests it, however there is a lot of opposition from the bride’s side. Mainly as they are wealthier and they were admist of fixing Brintha’s maariage with an American groom, also part of the hesitancy is due to the fact that Karthiga, who states that she will not marry anyone will be in same household, and they are worried about how this would affect Brintha’s life. As Brintha is very persistent in marrying Suthaharan, they eventually cave in and the marriage takes place. On their first night and the day after Brintha irritates Suthaharan by talking about the American groom, to a point where he slaps her. Her Behaviour towards him and towards others are completely different as she puts on face that she loves him in front of others and otherwise when no one is around.  The rest of the story revolves around the reasoning behind Brintha’s abnormal behaviour.

I must say I really enjoyed this story. It was good and it was a good combination of love, family sentiments, humour and to some degree suspense.  Although you have to sceptical of the practicality of the chain f events, this was a good novel. I especially liked Brintha’s brother and their fear for their brother-in-law as well as her sister-in-laws. It really emphasizes how the men of household may look tough on the outside but it is really the women that hold the fort together. Once again a really good story and I would love to hear your views about it.

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