Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Naananilae Kaaleduthu...

Author: Jey Sakthi
Genre: Romance
This is one of my favourite novels by JS and decided to re-read it amidst of all the new writers.
 The book is about Janani, daughter of a prominent business man. As her mother died shortly after she was born, her grandmother forced her father into remarriage. Her step-mother is from a poor family and cannot have children for some medical reasons, hence, does not interfere with Janani’s family. Janani’s marriage is fixed with one of her step-mother’s relative. A couple of days before the wedding a young gentleman named Anbuchelvan  (also her step-mothers relative), comes to see her and asks her to stop the marriage at all costs, but does not give her a valid reason, he claims that he has already talked to her grandmother, and is only approaching her  as grandmother will not listen. As he was unable to provide her valid reason, although he claims he has one, Janani does not do anything to stop the wedding.  The day before the wedding the groom elopes with another girl leaving a note that he was not interested in this marriage. Shocked by this grandmother talk privately with Anbuchelvan and then orders Janani to marry him. Janani’s father is not at all happy about this as Anbuchelvan is from a big middle class family. Following her grandmothers orders Janani claims she wants to marry Anbuchelvan against her father’s wishes. Their marriage takes place and Janani takes off with Anbuchelvan to his household. The rest of the story revolves around whether Janani’s father forgives her, how Janani from a rich background fits in Anbuchelvans lower middleclass household and revealing the secret behind reason for Anbuchelvan and Janani’s marriage.
Overall it’s a very nice story that revolves around the importance of family relationships. Anbuchelvan’s character was portrayed very nicely. Although Janani’s character was great, as she got along with everyone, moulded herself to fit different situations, When I was reading I got the feeling that her character was too good to be true. I don’t think a human being can be that forgiving and innately as nice as she was. So if you can ignore the perfect character of Janani, this is a must read book. One of the few by JS that I have read many times...
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