Thursday, November 11, 2010

Avannuku Naan Azhagu!!!

This is one of the novels that were written by fellow friends out there, however I have no idea who wrote it, so PLEASE let me know if you know the AUTHOR so they can be rightfully acknowledged for it!!!
 A couple of years ago I was very hesitant to read anything from anyone other than RC, UB, CB, KJ and other established writers.  A couple of my friends had emailed me some of the novels that were written by fellow friends just like me, the first novel that I read was Itharku Peyar Thaan Kathala by Viji and Meena and I have been hooked on to these book since. What a talent that these individuals possess, it really amuses me, the time, the effort and creativity that they put into these stories! I mean you can argue that all authors invest all these, but atleast they get royalty for their books whereas these individuals write these novels for fellow readers like me, expecting nothing in return. Hats off to all writers out there, I would for sure show my support for your books by buying them if they are published, so please let me know if you plan to or have already published them.
Now getting back to the review, an amazing book, which I enjoyed very much. We have our heroine, Sowmiya, who is just out of college, an only child to her parents.  Sowmiya’s father reunites with his childhood friend at a wedding, and that friend asks for Sowmiya to come as his daughter in law. Sowmiya’s parents are really interested in this proposal but Sowmiya refuses.  Giving in to her parent’s tears and begging, she finally reluctantly agrees to the wedding, with an idea that she can talk to the groom and ask him to stop the wedding, when they come to finalize everything. Her plans are ruined when the groom, Udayprakash, refuses to talk to her and the wedding is fixed in just 15 days. The rest of the story revolves the married life of Uday and Sowmiya, more importantly focussing on Uday’s love for Sowmiya, and how she  accepts it.
One reason that I enjoyed this book so much was because, Sowmiya did not fit into that typical ideal heroin character, and instead she was childish, playful and realistic. There were many instances and situations in this book, when I can say OMG this is just like what happens to me. I could relate to so many family moments where Sowmiya is interacting with her in-laws. All those were really realistic and highlights the importance of family (not just husband and wife but extended as well) to the readers. It was very well written and flows very well! Once thing I would like to say though is that the character of Uday, seems to be too good to be true! He fits the profile of every woman’s dream man!
Once again Hats off to the writer and I would really appreciate if you can let me know the name of the author! Share your thought s on this story as well as others written by fellow readers like us!



  1. Even I read this story.....its awesome.....

  2. s da..i too finished this story....very romantic and was written by BK-Bharathi kannama.....