Monday, November 8, 2010

Ithayam Theetiya Oviyamae

Author: Uma Balakumar
Year: 2010
Genre: Romance
Second story in Njambaham Poo Mazhai Thoovum
We have our Heroine, Sanyogitha (Satha), who lives with her father, finishing her final year at college. One day when she comes home from school her father informs her that a family is coming to see her and talk about marriage. We learn that the mother of the groom saw Satha, at her cousins wedding some time ago, and attracted by her good nature and personality wants to marry her to her son. They were supposed to come 6 months ago to fix this marriage but it was delayed as their son had to go abroad to finish his studies. As she is waiting for the groom and his family to arrive, Satha gets a phone call from the groom, Prithviraj, asking her to say that she doesn’t like him and call off the wedding because there is someone else in his heart. He hangs up the phone before she can ask why he can’t do the same. However when they reach the bride’s house everything seems normal, so Satha begins to suspect that the call was from someone else, to add to this she is attracted by Prithvi at first sight and agrees to the marriage. After the marriage we find out that, Prithvi, is still in love with a girl he met when he was young and can’t place anyone else in his heart in her place. Satha on the contrary is head over heels in love with Prithvi, the rest of the story is about whether Prithvi’s young princess ever comes back into his life or if Satha manages to change his heart...
Once again, I am fan of Uma Balakumar amma’s writing and I like it that she always makes the female character stand up for what she believes instead of listening to the male characters. As per UB’s ideal female character, Satha is fond of nature and is able to get along with everyone. It would be nice to get a story from this author where the character of the heroine is different from ideal. Share your comments and thought on this novel as well any others that you have recently read.


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