Saturday, November 6, 2010

Njabaham Poo Mazhai Thoovum

Author: Uma Balakumar
Year: 2010
Genre: Romance

Wow what a weekend, I got time to read two of my favourite authors! I am beginning to eagerly wait for Uma Balakumar amma’s novels! She seems to be writing only about 1-2 novels a year! After her last novel ‘En sorgham nee penne’, this is her first novel for the year 2010. Once again two marvellous stories Njabaham poo mazhai thoovum and Ithayam theetiya oviyamae. I just finished the first one so I will give a summary for that one now.
This book takes place in a remote village where our heroin Kavin Malar is appointed as a collector. It has been her dream to become a collector and we are told that her parents have been a great support for her to attain her goal. In the same village we are introduced to our hero, Illangkathir, who also cares much for the village and has attained so much for the village by himself without expecting the government.  Malar is impressed by Kathir’s nature and social services and they both become good friends. Soon, as expected, love blossoms in Kathir’s heart and he is sure it is also reflected in Malar. However, the story takes an unexpected turn when he goes with his family to ask for her hand in marriage and the rest is about how/if he succeeds in his love.
There is also a sideline love story between Kathir’s  brother Anbu and their managers daughter. I thought this story was well written although the main plat reminds you of other titles.  I find that Uma Balakumar  has a unique way of describing village life, starting in Imaiyaga naan irupaen, the magic continues in this story. Her love for nature is also evident in her writings and may be thats why I am very fond of her writing? If you have read this book please share your thoughts....
Watch out for the summary of Ithayam theetiya Oviyame very soon!!
Till then

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