Saturday, November 6, 2010

Muthan Muthlaha Paartha Pothu

Author: Ramani Chandran
Year: 2010
Genre: Romance
I started this book last night and finished it in one go, this alone should tell you how much I enjoyed the book. As with most of Ramanichandran amma's fans, I like her old books more than the new ones.
The main reason I enjoyed it was it starts off like one of my most favourite books by her, Kaathirukiraen Rajakumara, with the hero, Kathiravan, and heroine, Surabi, meeting when they were both young at a resort.  Surabi is in her teens (15) from a wealthy family, and is there for the holidays with her parent, brother and cousins. Whereas Kathiravan is there with his sister and niece, Elilarasi (also Surabi’s age) and he works as the mechanic on the resort. Surabi’s cousins in their adolescent years is awed by Kathiravan’s looks and is disappointed that he doesn’t even look up at them, consider it an insult to their beauty.  Through Elilarasi, who is impressed by their style and mannerisms, they try to learn about Kathiravan. One day Surabi and her cousins were waiting for the driver to come to take them shopping, they spot Kathiravan working and try to make him notice them by teasing him, and he accidently scratches himself with rusted metal. Concerned for his health, Surabi asks his sister later that day if he got mediation for the wound and learns that he just washed it, because he can’t afford the medication costs and also learns more about his past life. Feeling sorry for him, she grabs some medication from the first aid kid in their car and goes to find him, and finds him in the mechanic shed sleeping. As he may get tetanus from the scratch she tries puts some medication on his wound without waking him. She almost succeeds but he wakes and yells at her, stating that this is the typical behaviour of a rich, spoiled girl, scared that he might hurt her, she runs back to her room but she is not sure why he yelled at her like that. For the remainder of the holidays she avoids him. Eight years later she meets him again in a completely different atmosphere, and realizes that she had not forgotten him and loves him. Unlike other stories her parents are not opposed to the marriage but something else stands in the way. The rest of the story is about whether Surabi defeats the obstacle that stands in the way.
As I mentioned before, I think I like this story because it reminds me so much of Kaathirukiraen Rajakumara, that being said it only has slight resemblances to it and main story is different from the previous one. I certainly liked this one more than her last two books Kaatrinilay aval thendral and Kathalil oruvanai Kai pidithean.

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